It Is Not Much Fun Living in the Negev at Present...

Monday, 29th May 2023 - 15:18:27 pm

Thus far tonight we have received more than 50 rockets from Gaza. I have no 'air raid shelter room' as newer buildings do. Neither does my daughter; even worse SHE lives on the top floor of her apt. building so my husband and I raced over there after the first siren to help bring her here with her 2 babies (2 1/2 and 8 months old.) If you hit the link below you will be able to see 3 rockets leaving Gaza on their way to us. Another daughter used to teach in nearby Sederot where there is only 10 seconds in which to find shelter before rockets land. My former pupil Ella Abukasis was killed that way throwing her body over her younger brother as they were too far away from shelters several years ago. Google it.

I send this missive because I am SICK of this crap. I am sick of Kerry threatening Israel with International sanctions if we do not give the Arabs more territorial gifts. Why should we? We gave them Gaza and what did we get? ROCKETS!! I live in Netivot- Israeli territory since 1948!!! Yes I believe there are good decent peace loving Muslims as there are good people of every race and faith. However there are too few (they're brainwashed to hate us- take a look at the garbage posted on youtube with kindergarten age children playing with toy rifles yelling 'kill the Jews!') People truly interested in peace are too terrified to say 'peep,' because if they DO speak out, they are immediately killed! Abu Mazzen isn't even willing to agree to recognize Israel as a JEWISH state. That's like refusing to recognize the Vatican as the Roman Catholic capital!! Why do WE always have to make 'gestures for peace' like releasing murderers with blood on their hands, animals who have killed innocent babies and women?????? This while Jonathan Pollard our 'spy,' is still rotting in prison despite America's own experts asking Obama to pardon him! (He is deathly ill and has served 29 years-- much more than others convicted of similar crimes...)

Please pass this on to your friends and relatives. Friends who went to EHS with me, please share this with others who know me. I am so dam*ed sick of the hypocrisy of the BBC ; CNN; NY Times and others who twist the truth. Appreciate the fact that you have Canada and Mexico at your borders. How would America react if either one of those 2 nations sent missiles into NYC , CA or Texas???? Enough hypocrisy!

Everyone is soooooooooooo concerned with the Middle East. How interesting. Thousands are slaughtered daily in Syria (WE treat many for free in our hospitals if they reach our northern border,) Iran is hoodwinking the entire world with the farce that its nuclear program is non-lethal, Tunis, Lybia ,and Egypt are far from stable after the 'Arab Spring,' but ALL the world worries about is Israel's security issues and our making peace with Abbu Mazzen. The Fatah and Chamas themselves don't have peace between them!!!. Hasn't anyone recently recalled that we are the ONLY true democracy in this part of the world????

Our Purim holiday, when our children dress up in costumes begins on Sat. night although schools have been partying and celebrating all week. Tonight however our school had to cancel it's main event due to this security situation. Next time you send your kids out on Halloween, imagine having to keep them home in an air raid shelter room and pray that they not develop post stress syndrome. May G-d have mercy on the innocents of the world!!

Esther Hilf Revivo

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