In Memory of My Woman

Monday, 29th May 2023 - 16:20:12 pm

I loved and cherished her from the day we met.

We were together from that time on.

The times we had, I'll never forget.

I can't believe that now she's gone.

A man makes commitments, that makes him a man.

From the time she put on my ring,

I protected her and took care of her and,

I never hit her with a full swing.

A wisp of hair fell across her face.

Her smile came slow and kind of shy.

She laughed at my jokes but in the wrong place.

We didn't really say goodbye.

People are crazy, they just don't care.

What is it with this police thing?

They've got me chained in jail though I swear,

I never hit her with a full swing.

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