How Many Visitors Are You Getting per Day

Monday, 29th May 2023 - 16:38:59 pm

This blog was modified from a SitePoint Forum Thread concerning the number of visitors to a site.

The checklist and account monitoring may be useful on this recent blog and short stories project for others starting their own site.

Site completely revamped:
Simple with no frills or adddons
Speed is the priority:
No PHP Framework
No PHP sessions variables:
No database:
Uses only PHP and Apache directory structure.
Pre-build StringTree used and if not exist then rebuild using jQuery->GetTree()
Page formatting, string Title and nl2br($blurb) for content.
Page uses common PHP header, footer, adverts includes.
Page updates using FileZilla for dragging and dropping blogs into relevant directories.
Use Google Search Box instead of creating another script.

New Project: Checklist:

.htaccess - ensure no www. and no file extensions working correctly
robots.txt - valid paths and disallow unnecessary files and paths
Sitemap.xml - generated from PHP script
error.log - Daily checking and rectifying problems where necessary

Monitor Accounts:
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
Google Adsense
Bing Webmaster Tools HTML Validator CSS Validation Service

Wish me luck because Google has not indexed the site yet :(

HTML: Validator CSS: Validator Support: Captain Tom Moore