Don't Never Hitch Hike in Colorada

Monday, 29th May 2023 - 15:55:57 pm

Don't never hitch-hike in Colorado,
People don't take to strangers there,
You could die by the road in Colorado,
And all you'd get is a fisheye stare.

They brag about scenery in Colorado.
I walked it all and I don't lie,
The thing I saw most in Colorado,
Was the back end of cars passin' me by.

A state cop asked, "What you tryin' to do?"
I told him, "Nothin' man. Just passin' thru."
"Hippie," he said, "you're goin' the wrong way.
The state line's back there. Cross it today."

I hid from that man two days and two nights,
Crossin' through fields and dodgin' car lights.
I went a far piece. Got back on the road.
It did me no good. Still walked with my load.

The way they are, those sons of bitches,
Be you stand up guy or desperado,
They know one thing for certain which is,
They don't want you in Colorado.

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